The NFT next big thing is KardiaChain’s owned My DeFi Pet, and why

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Our team can not be more proud of our very own NFT game MyDeFiPet a.k.a $DPET for its tremendous performance in the past few months.

Recently, My DeFi Pet has broken many records and conquered peaks after peaks. For two consecutive weeks, My DeFi Pet is ranked Number 1 in the Top 10 of the most trending coins in Asia according to CoinGecko, and ranked as the Top NFT game by users’ choice covered by BSCDaily. This trendy NFT game is also expanding its size with over 150,000 active users, and more than 1,650,000 eggs appeared on both Binance Smart Chain and KardiaChain. Furthermore, DeFi Pet has caught the eye of major players in crypto space as the project enters second phase of Binance MVBII program; marking a closer step to Binance exchange. x300+ from ATL to ATH, x200+ from Private sale to ATH, x100+ from Public to ATH. And the numbers are still growing!

Last Monday, Dapp Radar released a blog with a title “My Defi Pet First Big Game on Binance Smart Chain” praising the game as the second biggest dapp on Binance Smart Chain in terms of active wallets.

In My Defi Pet, a new monster is born every hour and the player can choose it 24 hours a day. Players can also combine giant monsters to create second generation monsters. By using monsters and taking care of them, players can level up their monsters. They will evolve, gain new powers and be used more in combat.

In fact, My DefiPet combines elements of the Tamagotchi and Pokemon aspects. All in-game actions are paid for through in-game DPET tokens. Players can earn this token through play or exchange. The token is used for government elections, as well as in-game purchases and staking. Of course, staking can bring you new rewards, including eggs that can hatch new monsters.

Three months after the official My DeFi Pet launching event with farming foods and growing pets functions, the long-awaited battle mode had just been introduced to the community. We designed this mode for all players to enjoy the experience of taking their pets on an adventure and destroying evil monsters to get a huge reward. Recently, My DeFi Pet has released a sneak peek image of how the grand battle should look like in-game.

Utilizing the concept of protecting the motherland from the invasion of the weird aliens or disgusting monsters from the spaceship, we will let Pet Master team up with their pets, and jump on the heroic combat.

This combat mode requires Pet Master to focus on every index of each warrior, to carefully manage the pets, effectively build up the strongest team to conquer the evil boss and achieve the great treasure.

With this brand new gaming mode, Pet Master will find another technique to master the game, enjoy the moment while playing with friends and most importantly, they can really “Play to earn”! As the My Defi Pet developer and publisher, we focus on both the gaming experience and the benefit of the player. By having a strong road map in our development journey, players from various countries are waiting for the upcoming functions!

As My DeFi Pet is on the path of becoming a gaming unicorn, it needs a person, who has extensive experience in blockchain and gaming and a strong passion for gaming, to guide the project through this critical time. DPET team is honored to welcome our new CEO, Tri Pham, who is the mastermind behind My DeFi Pet from the first day of the game development.

Tri Pham is currently CEO/Co-Founder of KardiaChain, the national blockchain in Vietnam with a vision for blockchain mass adoption. KardiaChain is well known in the Vietnam communities as well as blockchain communities in South East Asia with many accomplishments of providing the very user friendly Wallet and KaiDex, and having successfully blockchainized traditional businesses in Vietnam.

My DeFi Pet is an NFT DeFi pet raising game on both KardiaChain and Binance Smart Chain. DPET is a project incubated and built by KardiaChain and developed by TopeBox, one of Vietnam’s leading game developers with over 100M downloads on the App Store and Google Play. With the solid development team, My Defi Pet will thrive enthusiastically by launching multiple features and markets for gamers such as Battle for an in-game feature or NFT marketplace for trading, lending and borrowing their NFT pets.

My Defi Pet is day by day proving its standing as the top gaming unicorn in the global and local community!

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