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False Mustache and the Little Mermaid’s Chef Louis , John Stamos Returns to the Role of Others

The stage and screen star will show up as the "poisson-loving" gourmet specialist in the live melodic on ABC November 5. As entertainer John Stamos stood by behind the stage at the Hollywood Bowl for their huge tune in Disney's The Little Mermaid, they rationally set theirself up to depict the unusual Chef Louis. In any case, when they had the gourmet expert's mammoth mustache on, their change into character was prompt. “I put on that mustache and something came over me, I had a sense of bravado with the character that I didn’t have before.” Stamos said. After their vivacious version of "Les Poisson" (a tune about Chef's adoration for severely cutting separated dead fish) at the Hollywood Bowl, Stamos was approached to wear the ridiculous mustache one final time for ABC's The...