Retirement Planning at 50: Frantic for rental properties to buy: Event Launched

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The average American 50-year-old has $160,000 in their 401K. If that money were turned into a lifetime annuity, it would only amount to a few hundred dollars a month. Any financial planner would agree that it’s not nearly enough for Retirement Planning at 50.

Coming up this quarter Adiel Gorel, owner of International Capital Group (ICG) is hosting a free virtual event: Remote Control Retirement Riches, along with experts to expound on retirement planning at 50, finding rental properties to buy, real estate investing for beginners and to answer personalized questions. Adiel will reveal the best places to invest in 2022, available now, with the price pre-negotiated and the market analyzed. This all-inclusive event for investors is a huge hit and has afforded 1000s with Remote Control Retirement Riches. Don’t miss out, click to register and set up the winning retirement plan today.

There is a simple criterion for finding rental properties to buy at any age and yes it works incredibly well for retirement planning at 50. Focus on the sunbelt states, near large metropolitan areas, in good areas, and with several other criteria that we will discuss at our upcoming event. Finding rental properties to buy is all about narrowing it down to the best places in the country to invest. Brand new, single-family homes in good areas are the sweet spot when coupled with the 30-year fixed-rate loan.

“Warren Buffett declared as one of his top pieces of advice to people on how to get wealthy is: Get a 30-year fixed-rate loan because the 30-year fixed-rate loan is an unimaginably good real estate investing. For beginners, this strategy is quickly achievable. At ICG this is all we focus on and we’ve seen predictable and amazing results.” – Adiel Gorel, owner of International Capital Group

The single-family homes are the preferred rental properties to buy because hiring a construction crew to make cosmetic changes or upgrades to older properties is almost never cost-effective. For a brand new single-family home to be profitable, things really can be as simple as “good tenants are attracted to good properties, and responsible owners keep good tenants”. Perfect for investors beginning their retirement planning at 50.

Retirement planning at 50, can make people frantic. It is not too late to retire well. It can be done. Adiel Gorel has done it himself and for investors for three decades, thousands of times with people starting at 50, 60 even into the 70s.

The key to finding rental properties to buy is to buy in an area that isn’t too good. For example, buying a $5 million home isn’t the place to start. When deciding which rental properties to buy consider finding rental properties in an area that is just now building new homes. Again, the name of Gorel’s system is Remote Control Retirement Riches. As the investor, work with the local teams. Loca realtors, local management companies, local builders. Local market knowledge is priceless. Remember, the real strategy in finding rental properties is that it’s much better to invest in a pretty good market than to miss out on enjoying the benefits of real estate investment altogether because the current “best” market is full. Investors don’t need the best deal in the world for the investment to be majorly beneficial. Seasoned property managers will guide any investor on the best rental property to buy at any given time of their life, or at any given time in the lifecycle of the market.

New investors don’t have to take on the burden of becoming the next Sherlock Holmes, in real estate markets across the country.

That could take years. Adiel Gorel’s program and philosophy are to achieve Remote Control Retirement Riches. Many people just starting retirement planning at 50, desire to go and visit a place, driving around finding rental properties that appeal to them aesthetically. This is not the proper focus. Can it assuage fears? Absolutely. It’s always an excellent idea to do what is needed to feel safe. Drive around with a local team, see what rental property to buy, and what not to buy, and meet with the property managers, to feel comfortable with the process. But ultimately the rental property to buy should be chosen by a professional, locally. This is not a personal home, this is not an emotional purchase, this is an investment.

At the upcoming Remote Control Retirement Riches event – ask more questions about finding rental properties that fulfill retirement needs, even when retirement planning at 50. Register for our event at under events.

Adiel Gorel and the guest speakers such as Brokers, management company representatives, and financial advisors all will be talking about how to invest in real estate, especially real estate investing for beginners. Adiel will be answering the most pressing question: are rental houses a good investment, in more detail at the upcoming event. Don’t miss out Click here to find out how to start investing in real estate in 2022.

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