Recent Study Shows High Return on Investment with Accelerated Clinical Trials

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New York (USA) Aug 8–As a leading VRO (Virtual Research Organization), ObvioHealth marks the role of decentralized clinical trials in bringing new drugs to market faster–DCTs and hybrid trials are here to stay for long as the long-term advantages outweigh technical challenges and the higher capital and operational costs related to on-site remote studies.

As the COVID-19 pandemic pushed life sciences organizations, CROs, and biopharma companies to adopt DCTs to enhance patient experience and limit contact while keeping studies on track, research is being conducted to weigh the advantages, risks, and expenses of switching to this format.

A joint analysis by the Tufts Center for the Study of Drug Development (CSDD) and Medable gauged and compared the published benchmarks on trial cycle expenditure and duration with data from more than 150 DCTs. The results pointed toward substantial benefits–including higher ROI and shorter trial timelines. In line with this analysis, ObvioHealth stresses the significance of promoting the long overdue digital transformation in healthcare and introducing digital clinical trials.

The trials conducted by ObvioHealth are executed on its purpose-built patient-centric platform that enables the in-house virtual team to work efficiently and seamlessly–from protocol planning all the way through to studying and reporting.

The company explains that configurable DCT solutions like ObvioHealth’s app can significantly accelerate trials by enabling study teams to optimize the start-up phase for each study–no need to start from square one every time.

Studies found that less than 5% of the U.S. population participates in clinical trials, and up to 50% of the total research never ends because of inadequate enrolment. However, DCTs can shift the paradigm to much lower screening failure rates.

ObvioHealth adds that while leveraging digital recruitment, enrolment and onboarding can speed up clinical trials, ePRO and eCOA can drive quicker data compilation and assessment. The result is higher retention rates, more seamless patient participation, more efficient data flow from participants to the digital platform, and sometimes remote delivery of an intervention and test results.

ObvioHealth claims while its team of clinical experts has achieved up to four times faster recruitment, the retention rate is around 89% with ObvioHealth’s patient-centric DCT app.

A recent report by Clinical Trials Arena projects that clinical research using decentralized and virtual components will rise by 28% in 2022 versus 2021.

The company explains that with a more centralized approach to data consolidation, and interpretation, it becomes easy for research teams to comply with EMA, FDA, EMA, and HMA regulations. Data cleansing becomes effortless as it flows in, which, in turn, accelerates the cycle between the LPO (last patient out) and DBL (database lock).

In addition, the digital approach in trials requires fewer assessment boards, which reduces regulatory expenses and offers improved flexibility for protocol amendments.

According to ObvioHealth and recent studies, cycle time condensation related to DCT implementations has a substantially greater influence on ROI than any other factor.

Shifting to DCT can significantly reduce the phase II and III trial cycle, helping achieve net financial benefits which can be 5-14 times greater than site-based equivalents.

Founded in 2017 and run by an expert in-house team, ObvioHealth is a leading global digital health organization that plans, configures, and governs all steps involved in its virtual and hybrid clinical research from end to end. It launched one of the best DCT apps that allow patients to partake in clinical trials from the convenience of their homes ??and allows the research team to communicate remotely with the participants to offer better assistance and support throughout the process.

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