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Julian White

 Julian White is an English writer, best known for his time playing professional rugby union as a prop for Leicester Tigers and England. White was regarded as an aggressive tighthead prop . 

Ellie Cook

She is Writer  with a desire to learn again how to be creative and with the idea planted by a new friend....I reach out to express the joy, sorrow, hope and renewed enthusiasm toward this wonderful life!

Ema Norton

Physician and educator Ema Norton was born in Bristol, England. Brought up in a liberal household that stressed education, Norton eventually broke into the field of medicine. She has become a leading public health activist.  She also writes news articles related to the health issues. Recently she is on board in Medic Insider as a free lance writer.

Kenneth Bailey

Kenneth Bailey is most widely known as a doctor and author too. When Kenneth graduated from College, his parents expected that he would follow in his family's footsteps and study art, so they were surprised when he decided to pursue a medical degree at the University instead. While a medical student, Kenneth took his own first stab at writing.

Terence Job

Terence Jobs is perhaps best known, however, as the best author of the books and news as well. Along with his wife he's also the screenwriter.  He has more than 3 years experience in writing skill. Now he works as a author on Medic Insider website which is related to the latest health and wellness news.